A new game token? NO! A game company project…

We are getting ready to design games that retro game lovers will love. You will play for years and you will not get bored!

Do you miss old games?

Retro-style games are coming.

We will first create a permanent server of the game Ultima Online (Age of Shadows), on which we all depend, in order to raise funds for our token. Then we will start our own game projects whenever the total value of the token reaches $4m or multiples. Retro Game Token will be the roof of all our game projects and will become stronger and more profitable with each new game.


Game Server Ready!

Ultima Online, the world’s first MMORPG game, is still played especially by addicts. The biggest problem experienced by the players is the servers that constantly bleed and prevent the players from enjoying enough.

As RGT, our aim is to open a server that will not be shut down, that has continuity and that is managed with the seriousness of a company. Players playing on this server will be able to both participate in the events held and win RGT through competitions.


Always Strong

We charge a 1% commission for marketing, development, and future plans on every purchase and sale. We also apply a 1% LP commission on the purchase and 2% on sale in order to continuously consolidate the strength of the token.

Our total supply is 250.000.000. Our supply is limited and we do not plan to burn because we anticipate that sub-projects will also support this project.

Road Map


  • Contract creation.
  • Website version 1.
  • Whitepaper version 1.
  • Creation of social media accounts.
  • Pre-sale start on RGT website.


  • Pre-sale end on RGT website.
  • Game (UltimaOnline) server test broadcast opening.
  • Obtaining audit certificate for RGT.
  • Pinksale presale listing.
  • Pancakeswap listing
  • BscScan Logo
  • New Website
  • CMC Application
  • CG Application


  • NFT designs.
  • Game NFT connection.
  • Staking link with NFT.
  • NFT sale (only with RGT).
  • Stakes opening
  • CEX listing(It will be submitted to the vote of the participants).


We are trying to fully implement the DEFI logic into real life. We take our decisions as a decentralized company and share our shares with you in a decentralized manner. We will use the revenues from the game server, which is our current investment, and from our next game content projects to receive our tokens, and we will distribute our income for our shares.

Income Plans

Ultima Online Server:

After this server deducts its own costs, the remaining income will be used entirely for RGT purchases.
RGT will be used in all paid events in the game, and the use of RGT will be encouraged for gamers.

Flash Website:

A flash games site, which people of all ages cannot give up, will be established and all revenues of the site will be used only for RGT buyback.

Final Game Projects (6 planned):

With the game release, NFTs designed for the game will be sold with RGT, and a sub-token will be generated for the game. RGT users will be prioritized in the sale of sub-token and 10% of new game revenues will be continuously transferred to RGT.

RetroGameToken Team


Hasan Karatas


Always passionate about new technologies and new investments. Like all the team members he loves retro things.


Hamza Tas


When it comes to games he knows nothing. But he plays with money like a gamer!


Oguzhan Igdem


Long a time gamer. He never gives up on playing retro games. Also, he watches the new games on all platforms.


Inanc Eren Demir


A developer over 40 years old. Like to learn new technologies and crypto is one of them. Already has some game scenarios.